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Edward O. Willis, MBA


  • Master of Business Administration (Management)
  • Bachelor of Science (Business Administration – Personnel Management)
  • Community College Instructor Credential (Business Management and Public Administration)

Technical Experience:

  • Chief Executive Officer, WW Associates Management & Consulting, LLC — Peoria, AZ
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Santa Clara Valley Water District –San Jose, CA
  • Chief Deputy Director, California Conservation Corps — Sacramento, CA
  • Assistant Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency — Sacramento, CA
  • Deputy Director Administration, Department of Toxic Substances Control — Sacramento, CA
  • Deputy Director Administration, Department of Developmental Services — Sacramento, CA
  • Acting Deputy Administrator, Oil Spill Prevention and Response — Sacramento, CA
  • Deputy Director Administration, Department of Fish and Game — Sacramento, CA
  • Senior Consultant, CPS Human Resource Services — Sacramento, CA
  • Interim Executive Director, Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities — Sacramento, CA
  • Assistant to Associate Superintendent, Department of Education — Sacramento, CA
  • Administration Manager, State Lands Commission — Sacramento, CA
  • Fiscal Officer, Integrated Waste Management Board — Sacramento, CA
  • Analyst, Department of Health Services — Sacramento, CA
  • Analyst, Department of Finance — Sacramento, CA
  • AWACS, United States Air Force

Summary of Qualifications

Mr. Edward O. Willis is the founder and CEO of WW Associates Management & Consulting, LLC (WWA). While administration and finance are the foundation for Mr. Willis’ experience, he rose to become a leader in the field of environmental and natural resources. Mr. Willis’ experience includes serving as Chief Administrative Officer for the Santa Valley Water District where his responsibilities included oversight and direction for engineering support, capital construction administration, human resources management, financial management, information technology, strategic planning, performance accountability systems and media and public relations. He served as Assistant Secretary for the California Environmental Protection Agency and as part of the Cal-EPA team, oversaw the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Air Resources Board, Integrated Waste Management Board, and Water Resources Control Board. He also served as Chief Deputy Director for the California Conservation Corps and Deputy Director for the California Department of Fish and Game. He was a leader in establishing the California Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response to hopefully prevent toxic spills, but, to respond and clean up when necessary. For all his efforts, he was formally recognized by the California State Legislature for his service to the people of the State. He is a Vietnam Conflict veteran and was awarded four air medals while serving in the United States Air Force. Mr. Willis has been named PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR by the American Society for Public Administration and is currently listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

    • Implemented policies and directions for three Governors
    • Established program to protect economic and environmental resources
    • Changed philosophy to entrepreneurial approach for government
    • Developed policies and procedures to help ensure operational efficiencies
    • Designed, developed and implemented a performance-based management system
    • Implemented major reorganization to ensure clarity, responsibility and accountability
    • Changed philosophy of administration to utilize service-oriented approach
    • Implement major legislation
    • Provide instruction, training and consultation on the development of performance accountability systems
    • Provide coaching, leadership development and assistance for top level government executives
    • Developed strategic planning processes
    • Succession planning systems
    • Provide a network for government and private sector clients

Number of Employees Managed: 5 – 2,280
Organization Size: 110 – 10,500 employees
Budget: $80 million – $1.2 billion