Construction and Related Services

Historic Buildings – Repair and Replace Wooden Porches

Design/Build services

Repaired 7 buildings to historic standards

Preserved as much historic material as possible

Carpentry, painting, masonry, and electrical

Conducted lead-based paint abatement

Building 81501 Renovation and Addition

Design/Build project

Renovating interior of building for new clinic

Construction of an addition to the building

Adding new fire suppression, heating/cooling, and other utilities

Museum Window Replacement and Repair

Utilized SHPO approved window replacements

Conducted lead-based paint abatement

Worked around museum displays and artifacts

Repaired historic wood window trim

Rebuilt window screens

Painted windows and window trim

Design and Construct New Loading Dock

Conducted needs assessment with user

Designed sunken loading dock

Earth moving, grading, concrete, and painting

Conducted erosion control

Installed exterior lighting

Painting and striping of parking lot

USACE Los Angeles District project

Sam Kee Hall Adobe Repair

Removed stucco from exterior

Mixed lime plaster on site

Installed new lathe

Installed scratch, brown, and final coats

Repaired and repainted windows and doors

Repaired adobe block wall

Installed new gutters

Building 41412 Interior Renovation

Renovated interior of two-story building for new tenant

Building part of Historic District

Conducted lead-based paint abatement

Installed new communications, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression

Added interior stairwell and elevator

USACE Los Angeles District project

JTF Hanger

Cleared ground for new temporary UAS hangar 

Graded area 

Installed compacted gravel pad for hangar 

Installed grounding rods 

Created driveway to connect new hangar to airfield runway

Install Metal Guardrails

Repaired existing guardrails on historic building

Added new rails to be complaint with OSHA standards

Conducted lead-based paint abatement

Painted railings to match historic color scheme

Erosion Control

Conducted assessment to determine source of ongoing damage due to erosion

Regrading area to redirect drainage flow

Conducted invasive species monitoring and control

HVAC Repair

Conducted assessment of current HVAC system deficiencies

Designed new HVAC system

Installed new HVAC equipment and controls

Conducted testing and balancing of new system

Friedman Hall Renovations

Added new mobile partition wall to classroom 

Rewired classroom to upgrade communications and electrical systems 

Moved fire sprinkler and alarm 

Installed new flooring 

Installed new classroom furniture 

Painted interior walls

Historic Stone Walls Restoration

Walls located within Historic District

Repaired to historic standards using like materials including local river sand and concrete

Masonry and concrete work

Bear River Monument, Fort Douglas Cemetery

Evaluated conditions of the monument

Prepared updated Inspection Report

Disassembled and transport to storage

Developed signage and erected site safety protection

Coordinated with the State Historical Preservation Office, Archeologist and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers