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Timothy A. Harris, PMP
Chief, Program Management Services


  • Master of Arts (Computer Resource Management), Webster University
  • Bachelor of Science (Social Science), United States Air Force Academy


  • Program Management Institute, Project Management Professional Certification (PMP® Number: 2183589)
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)
  • Excellence in Government (EIG) Fellow – 2012

Technical Experience: 

Project Management ▪ Facility/Construction Project Management ▪ Resource Management ▪ Contract Management/Oversight ▪ Information Technology Management ▪ Coalition Building ▪ Leadership Coaching ▪ Earned Value Analysis ▪ Workforce Planning ▪ Change Management ▪ Mentoring ▪ Facilitation

Federal and Executive Level Experience: 

Retired after 22 years of active duty United States Air force (USAF) service as an O-5, Lt. Colonel.  Served 12 years of Federal Service as a GS-15 leader/mentor.

Summary of Qualifications:

Tim Harris serves as Chief, Program Management Services for WW Associates Management & Consulting, LLC.  Mr. Harris is a highly skilled Program Manager with over 28 years of experience in project management, cost management, contract management, contract oversight and installation management.  Mr. Harris is an innovative leader, and experienced problem-solver.  As a GS-15 Manager, led a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) organization with over 300 personnel ensuring Installation Security; Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) of facilities;  Environmental Management; Safety Management and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) for DLA’s Columbus Ohio Installation. Guided a talented and diverse workforce to win the Department of Defense 2013 Commander in Chief’s Installation Excellence Award.

As a GS-15 at the Space Innovation Development Center (SIDC), led an organization of 80 personnel providing Information Technology (IT) support for over 750 personnel to include information assurance, protection and accreditation for multiple-level security classification computer networks.  Established and led program management team for cross-functional support across the center.  Experienced program manager of aircraft, IT and international programs.

Change Manager, Mentor

Led the implementation of the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) in the Space Innovation and Development Center (SIDC). Successfully transformed culture/expectations for realistic performance evaluations and specific, measurable job objectives for USAF civilian employees. Trained decision makers, managers, and civilian staff, and secured buy-in, using an employee-first approach.  NSPS implementation served as model for entire NSPS workforce. Over next four years, the SIDC received just one reconsideration request out of 2,000+ annual Air Force requests.


Worked 4 years in the USAF Academy (USAFA) Center for Character Development.  Served as key facilitator and speaker for USAFA Respect and Responsibility Workshops and the Capstone Academy Character Enrichment Seminar (ACES) for graduating seniors. Developed and maintained the Human Relations training for 4,000 officer candidates. Developed programs and provided necessary resources to conduct training for the over 2000 cadets, annually, designed to increase knowledge, understanding, and cooperation among cadets of all backgrounds.