Jose Phillips Head Shot Photo

Jose Phillips
Chief, Job Corps Services


  • Bachelor of Arts, Planning and Development/Geography
  • Environmental Impact Analysis

Professional Experience:

  • National Director, Americorps NCCC – Washington D.C
  • Deputy Director, Region I, California Conservation Corps (CCC) – Northern California
  • Deputy Director, Region II, California Conservation Corp (CCC) – Southern California
  • District Director, Los Angeles (Non-residential Program)
  • District Director, Pomona (Residential Program)
  • District Director, Los Angeles Recovery Program
  • District Director, Inland Empire (Residential Program)
  • District Director, Camarillo (Residential Program)
  • District Director, San Luis Obispo (Residential Program)
  • Conservation Administrator II, Assistant District Director
  • Union President, Association for Conservation Employees (ACE)
  • Conservationist II, Corpsmember Development Program (CMD), Education Program
  • Conservationist II, Public Service Conservation Work (PSCW)
  • Conservationist I, PSCW/Fire Crew Supervisor – Oat Mountain, Chatsworth, CA

Summary of Qualifications

Mr. Phillips’ professional experience has been grounded in and based on the foundation of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) to improve and protect environmental resources while developing the youth of our country. He was directly responsibility for staff and operations facilitating the CCC Programs for young adults aged 18 to 25 years old at residential and non-residential sites.

While in the position of the National Director for the National Civilian Conservation Corps (NCCC), a Presidential appointment, Mr. Phillips was involved in a national service movement under the auspices of Americorps/Corporation for National and Community Services (CNCS) which was responsible for ensuring achievements of national and programmatic goals and compliance with federal, national and regional policies and procedures. He was responsible for formulating and implementing comprehensive national strategies and policies to enhance the effective delivery of services.

Additional responsibilities included:

  • Providing strategic guidance and policy direction to subordinate headquarters managers and field campus directors.
  • Providing oversight and management of five headquarters managers and five regional directors with over 100 full time staff.
  • Managing and evaluating individual performance in accordance with CNCS policies.
  • Communicating with key stakeholders including NCCC Advisory Board, staff and representatives from national service programs, federal, state and local legislators, public and private sector and communities.
  • Developing external partnerships that include other Federal agencies, foundations, stakeholders and gatekeepers.
  • As a Regional Deputy for two regions, he represented, advocated and collaborated on the behalf of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) to public and private sectors, legislators and community-based organizations. He established and promoted service presence in local communities where operations are based through outreach activities including media. He directly supervised the administrative staff for each residential base center which included the District Directors, Administrative Officers, Cook Supervisor and Conservation Supervisor.

Other primary responsibilities included:

  • Providing oversight and management of residential and non-residential CCC facilities ensuring sufficient financial and human resources to implement program goals, provide for staff, corpsmembers, community safety and legislative mandates.
  • Investigating and responding to corpsmember and staff grievances and complaints.
  • Ensuring all staff and corpsmember received appropriate orientation and training regarding state and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring the development and implementation of project work that met conservation, emergency response and community service mandates of the department. Providing direct leadership and guidance in developing plans, contacting new sponsors, promoting conservation activities and maximizing the involvement of corpsmembers in projects benefitting the community while advocating for corpsmember education.
  • Ensuring administrative, fiscal and regulatory compliance requirements were met as mandated by governing agencies at all facilities and project sites.
  • Establishing and monitoring annual budgets, initial allotments and reimbursement goals. Ensured that revenues and expenditure goals were achieved in accordance with all state and federal laws. Providing oversight of procurement and contracting activities.
  • Providing oversight in development and implementation of project work that met the conservation and emergency response needs of the community, development needs of corpsmembers and the fiscal goals of each unit within the district.
  • Ensuring that all aspects of business services including procurement, finance, payroll, administration, food service and facility management were conducted in an efficient, effective and professional manner.
  • Ensuring that corps members were provided a safe and positive working and living environment in addition ensured that areas of education, literacy, skills training, career development, counseling, post-corps transition, health and safety, and security needs were met.

Other Achievements:

  • Association of Conservation Employees (ACE), Man of the Year, 1990
  • Negotiations Chairman for CAUSE, California Association Union of Safety Employees
  • Incident Commander for the Exotic Newcastle Disease Disaster
  • CCC Executive on-loan to Rebuild L.A.
  • National Corps Network Board Member
  • CCC Advisor to Indonesia/West Virginia