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Current Projects

Bear River Monument, Fort Douglas Cemetery

Evaluate conditions of the monument

Prepare updated Inspection Report

Disassemble and transport to storage

Developed signage and erected site safety protection

Coordinated with the State Historical Preservation Office, Archeologist and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Historic Buildings – Repair and Replace Wooden Porches

Historic Site designation

Repair to historic standards (built in 1916)

Design/build services

Calvary Barracks (now Administration Buildings)

Demolition and rebuild

Electrical, carpentry, masonry

Architect and Engineering

First and Second Floors

Compliance with OSHA standards

Development of Area Development Plans as Required Components of the Real Property Master Plan

Army Master Planning process and Unified Facilities Code regulations and guidelines

Stakeholder Meetings and Focus Group Workshops

Prepared Area Development Plans

Illustrative Plan, Regulating Plan. Implementation Plan

Geographic Information System and Mapping

Programmatic Environmental Assessment and Biological Assessment

National Environmental Quality Act

Field surveys, data recovery – Culture Resources Report

Biological Assessment – USFWS review

Programmatic Environmental Assessment – prepare findings of no significant impact

Historic Stone Walls – Restore and Repair

Historic Sites

Repair to historic standards

Stone mason

Consistency with original construction